Founded in 1958, TDI (Tech Development), a General Electric Company, has pioneered the use of turbine technology with its unique twin-turbine powered air starter for use on industrial, diesel, natural gas reciprocating engines, as well as a variety of industrial gas turbine engines. TDI introduced the first turbine power starter for industrial engines in 1979 and is continuing to design and produce new products based on their innovative two-stage turbine technology. The TURBOTWIN™ series of starters and industrial air motors are the most reliable turbine starters available on the market today.

TDI Air Starter Products and Service Center

Great Lakes Power is an authorized TDI Air Starter distributor and service center for Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee and Indiana. Great Lakes Power has an extensive inventory of TDI air starters and factory trained sales specialists who can assist in selecting the right new product, re-manufactured product or replacement part for our customers’ application or service needs.

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